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Nancy Uribe

Nancy Uribe, MS
Compliance & Records Manager
Physical Therapist Aide
Therapeutic Exercise Specialist

Nancy obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Human Performance at California State University, Los Angeles and her Master of Science degree in Athletic Training at California Baptist University. As a previous Division II soccer player, Nancy knows how difficult it is to rehabilitate an injury while still trying to compete. Sometimes that means slowing down to let an injury heal. Once the body is ready, her knowledge in Kinesiology and Athletic Training allows her to deliver the proper type and amount of exercise to strengthen the injured area and prevent re-injury. During her spare time, Nancy enjoys watching and playing sports, hiking, biking and camping.

Treatment Philosophy:
The key to rehabilitation is finding the root of the problem so you can find the solution. Change happens slowly, all you can do is take one step at a time. That is why small lifestyle changes make a huge difference.