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Melika Rafael

Melika Rafael
Director of Marketing and Human Resources
Owner, Director
Pilates Instructor

Melika is a graduate of the California State University of Long Beach and is a native of California. Melika was previously the manager of Sportsmed Physical Therapy at the SportsClub/LA, and has years of experience in management, billing, marketing and health insurance. As the co-founder of SportsFit Physical Therapy, Melika has dedicated herself to creating an inviting, motivating, and invigorating facility focused on quality of care and healing. Melika has remained committed to continuous education in the newest and most proper forms of exercise technique. To perfect her kraft, Melika completed her course work and hours in Brent Anderson's Polestar Pilates course. Prior to this Pilates certification she completed her training with the Pilates reformer and mat course at Alternative Body System, certified through Sally Landen’s program. She has years of experience in training elite and amateur athletes of all ages. Melika enjoys Pilates, dance, skiing, running, biking, hiking, and spending time with her daughter Ava on her free time.

Treatment Philosophy:
Exercises should offer a logical yet organic flow of movement while the body is healing. A positive an happy environment will allow the body to move without rigidity. Each exercise should be performed with mindful control through proper form and breathing technique. Listen to the body while in therapy and temporarily remove aggravating activities from your routine until other muscles are conditioned to help the aggravated muscles. Work on adding new challenges as you body becomes stronger.