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Benny Benjamin

Benny Benjamin, CPT
Certified Massage Therapist

Jonathan’s interest in the art of massage began when he was just 14 years old. Massage therapy quickly became a passion after learning about the human body and anatomy. The positive feedback received from his friends and clients motivated him to choose a career in massage therapy. In Jonathan's words, "people enjoyed my massages as much as I enjoyed giving them." Jonathan was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2013 which completely changed his life. For the first time as an injured individual, he was able to see what massage therapy can do to help one’s recovery. This breakthrough motivated Jonathan even further in his quest to provide healing therapy. He attended the Baltimore School of Massage where he was taught the holistic side of massage therapy and its healing effects. Since then, he has been introduced and practiced a vast array of massage techniques in order to remedy different ailments of the body. After completing his education, Jonathan has spent all his focus and energy helping the rehabilitating of as many souls as he can touch.

Treatment Philosophy:
A healthy mind and body is the recipe to a happy life.